Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam (2016)

Wamiqa Gabbi in a still from the Tamil movie Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam. See more of : Wamiqa Gabbi Wamiqa Gabbi Wamiqa Gabbi in a still from the Tamil movie Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam.

The film is expected to go on floor by February 2016 with a 60-day shoot schedule that will take base itself in Chennai, Goa and Dubai.

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam’ is an amorous film that tries to capture some of the more intensely personal aspects of a romance and relationship between a man and a woman. The movie which opens with a.

In 2016, Kamal will start acting in the multi lingual (Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi) film to be directed by T.K. Rajeev Kumar of ‘Chanakyan’ fame. He is also reportedly in talks with a major.

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam is what happens when Prabhu and Manoja are brought together by means of an arranged marriage. Githanjali may be credited as the director, but there’s an unmistakable.

The year 2016 has begun on a good note for Gitanjali Selvaraghavan. Her debut effort on the big screen, Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam, released today, and she’s gauging the response to the bold.

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Movie Review – Review: ‘It’s difficult to narrate some love stories.

We have tried’ — This statement is what opens Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam, Gitanjali Selvaraghavan’s debut film. Working from a script.

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Selvaraghavan’s (better known here as Sri Raghava) writing was one of the major reasons behind the success of Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam, the Tamil version. Well, the Telugu fans of the director of 7.

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